Tuesday, September 7, 2010

hearts of more and more hurt by your attitude

hearts of more and more injured .. Why do I think you never changed .. I choose the right one for my husband made. I am pleased with my actions. know he is a great sin for me. ayan why you are so willing to treated me like this. fool me without me realizing it. pretend in front of me. you are effectively acting to me .. thank you yan .. you seem to mock my feelings .. but why me yan? why? I really do wrong to you? one to me hard to love you and you happen to honest with me ..? really stupid because I hope for the best of you .. I am stupid .. flowing tears vain .. until I lost my family just lost .. joy .. for this I am honest and loyal to you but do not you? give the same response? difficult for you to appreciate all that I do for you ..
us for four years yan .. once you double a year .. I think it is .. da four years of our relationship .. to when to be like this? I want to hold you up when yan? until when?

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